Why 6 Restaurant Profit Recipes?

  • Frustrated with online courses..

    You have tried out a few online courses (with your busy day job) on restaurant profitability. The content is boring: no images or videos to clarify concepts. You cannot relate to your own operation which you are familiar with. You are really frustrated. Is there an alternative?

  • Manage Taste Buds Restaurant

    You will get at the helm of Taste Buds Restaurant and manage it. On your own. With real life situations like poor business, over pricing, high labor cost and poor profitability. Watch Concept Videos. Take Decisions. Master numbers and analysis and learn by doing. We will ensure that!

  • Written for non-financial managers..

    This course is EXCLUSIVELY for operations managers like you. Written in a simple way without technical mumbo jumbo. Using real life examples from your restaurant operation. Dealing with decisions that you take on a regular basis. Want to give it a shot?