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Does this describe you?

I am savvy in operations but...

I am not confident about Numbers and Analysis...

You have just come out of yet another boring Financial Performance Analysis Meeting feeling very low. It happened again. As long as operational issues were discussed you were excited and participated well. However, the moment your Boss asked you to explain why profits are down when revenues are higher in the last month's business results, you froze. Yet again, you were not able to give your Boss a convincing response. Far from it. It made you feel inadequate with numbers and analysis. How could you overcome your lack of confidence with numbers? Is there a solution for this?

Simulate. Learn. Profit.

Use our Scenarios feature to mimic real life situations, learn and profit

Yes, there is! How about a course written EXCLUSIVELY for operations managers like you? Written in a simple way without technical mumbo jumbo using real life examples from your operation. Short, crisp videos to illustrate key concepts. Dealing with decisions that you take on a regular basis. Written by somebody who invested more than 25 years in the hospitality industry. Somebody who has taught and still teaches this course live successfully. A course which is acclaimed by operation managers like yourself (read the testimonials further down the page). 

At Profits MasterClass. you will get at the helm of a fictional hotel or restaurant and manage it. On your own. With real life situations like poor business, over pricing, high labor cost and poor profitability. You will learn to Simulate. Learn. Profit. You will master numbers and analysis and learn by doing. We will ensure that! Want to give it a shot?

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About Your Instructor

S Lakshmi Narasimhan

S Lakshmi Narasimhan

Profit Strategist

Welcome to Profits MasterClass. My name is S Lakshmi Narasimhan but I am known as Nara. I will be your Profit Strategist. I have designed, written and will guide you throughout this course.

I spent 26 years in the hospitality industry. I served Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts for 21 years culminating in my position as Vice President Finance at their corporate office in Hong Kong. In the past four years I have annually conducted my live, two day workshop called Optimizing Hotel Profits for Resident and Hotel Managers of the Shangri-La group. I have conducted a live two day workshop for Food and Beverage Directors, Executive Chefs for the Swissotel, Fairmont and Raffles group hotels in Berlin. Read the testimonial for that here.

My passion is teaching and sharing knowledge. I teach under graduate and graduate courses in financial management, hospitality finance, business development at New York University, School of Professional Studies during Spring and Fall semesters.

I keep my courses simple and easy to understand using visual methods like videos, flow charts and diagrams and using scenarios to ensure that I make powerful concepts applicable to real life situations.

Visit my website  blog for articles of value on boosting hotel or restaurant profitability.

You will master

Revenue Concepts

Pricing Concepts

Profitability Concepts

Cost Concepts

Revenue - Profit Relationships

How to Read a P&L

Past Live Course Participants said

What a great course! You made restaurant professionals excited about financial concepts!
Stephane Franchini VP F&B Europe FRHI Hotels & Resorts
Nara takes the complexity out of financial concepts and replaces it with clear thinking
Nicholas Smith GM Shangri-La's Kerry Hotel Hong Kong
The most inspiring business course I have attended in years
Dirk Salzider Hotelier


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