What do Scenarios do?

  • Decisions in Real Life Situations

    Scenarios simulate real-life situations. They teach you how to analyze information in real-life situations (just like your own operation). This analysis is the basis for effective decision making. The critical factor is that you can take decisions in these re-life situations without the fear of getting penalized for making mistakes.

  • Master Critical Problem Solving

    Scenarios help you master problem solving. Hotel and restaurant managers are required to take decisions and solve problems all day in their operation. Through simulation of real-life situations in which you take decisions, you become adept at problem solving. Problem Solving is one of the most critical skills required for in a manager.

  • Measure Results without Fear

    Scenarios mimic real-life situations into which you are placed throughout the course. You take decisions based on some situations and variables just like in your regular operation. The only difference is that you can take decisions without the fear of being pulled up when your results are not what they should have been.